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Side Door Latch(J/V)

Side Door Latch(J/V)

- Applies to car front, rear door opening & closing systems

- It is mounted on the door as a connection between the vehicle body and the

  door to protect the property in the vehicle through the door lack and reduce
  the risk of drivers and passengers in the event of an accident

- Assist with automatic door locking, car theft system and provide convenience

  to the customer in connection with the central system of the car

Product-specific Features

The vehicle door locking system performs basic functions such as open, close, lock and unlock as well as functions as a body safety system


- As an important part of the automobile door system, the fuction of door opening and closing are conducted

- As a part of safety / security car components, customer requirement and quality are highly required

- Power closing, Electrical Child safety, E-Latch system, etc. are implemented based on the customer's requirement