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Conflict minerals
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룿듃궗씠利 궎슦湲 룿듃궗씠利 以꾩씠湲

1. General Information

1) Definition of conflict minerals regulations

In which human rights violations that are determined by the African conflict areas (10 countries, including the DR Congo), child labor exploitation, as part of economic sanctions in order to eradicate the social problems such as sexual assault, mainly in developed countries, and these four of the mineral that has been mined in the region (3TG: tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold) was specified in the conflict minerals, the purpose of preventing that the mining funds flowing out to the rebel war chest the use of conflict minerals companiesIt will refer to the new regulations that limit. Insertion internal provisions.

2) Conflict minerals regulations ripple effect
US listed companies: possible to violate the delisting of the usage of each year conflict minerals (from May 14)
 The exporters: US listing, even if not a company, there is no obligation to directly provide information, Buyer, NGOs, investment institutions, and if not in response to a request of providing conflict minerals information such as the company rating agency, trading stop Risk is there, the brand is the image down.


2. Conflict Minerals Policy

In regards to using the conflict minerals and understanding the smelter, our company is observant the following
 1) Do not use the four minerals in the product
 2) Among the four minerals, Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries does not have a native of
 3) Among the four minerals, it does not have to be purchased from suppliers that sell the recycling and scrap metal
 4) We will not know all of the smelter, which has been trading
 5) Smelter, which has been traded is an authentication conflict minerals unused smelter of EICC

In regards to the management system of mineral in conflict areas, our company is observant the following
1) There is a corporate policy that prohibits the use of conflict minerals
2) You can check the relevant internal policies on the our home page
3) We are also suppliers to ban the use of conflict minerals
4) You are required to purchase the mineral from the authentication conflict minerals unused smelter of EICC to our   partners
5) You are requested to submit information of the smelter to our partners
6) We submit to the conflict minerals supplier requires or not the current situation.
7) We accept whether circumstances of reporting form to use all of the partners from the conflict minerals
8) We carry out due diligence in order to understand whether current situation to use the conflict minerals of your partner (check whether the factual information on the use of conflict minerals received from Tier1 company)
9) The Company's mineral information of confirmation process, by improving measures, is included in the system

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